Saturday, September 13, 2008

Next Step....

Well, I received my orientation package from AGCI in the mail on Friday. It is quite exciting to flip through all the information and learn of what needs to happen next in order to proceed. Its a weird transformation that takes place in your mind when you know you're adopting or having a child -- you start looking at things differently. My friend Amy (who's 5 months pregnant) and I were discussing how normally you'd just check out what pair of cute jeans some girl is wearing and now you're checking out what stroller she is pushing... I am also finding myself spending a ridiculous amount of time on looking for my next home... and willing something to just pop up in my price range in the exact neighborhood I want to live. It hasn't happened quite yet, but one can only hope. But I do need my condo to sell... that would help.
On another note.... Amy and I went down to Enumclaw today to cheer on our friend, Katie, while she competed in the half ironman. She's such a rockstar and kicked serious butt. Our voices are a little coarse this evening from all the screaming... and I found myself taking a lil' nap on the couch after we got back from all the energy I exerted during the race. Its tough being a spectator!

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