Thursday, September 11, 2008

And it Begins...

Well... As I've discovered, if you enter into the adoption world it goes hand in hand with creating a blog. So... here's my attempt at conforming. We'll see.
I haven't gotten very far into the adoption process but at least I've taken the first important step. I mailed my adoption application to All Gods Children International on September 9th, 2008 and I found out today, September 11th, 2008 that it has been accepted! Whaoo hooo.... The next step is a bunch of busy work of gathering documents, referrals, fingerprints, a homestudy etc... They say it takes two to three months to complete this part. Its absolutely crazy exciting... and somewhat terrifying at the same time to embark in this amazing journey. I know that this will profoundly impact my life and that it will be extremely difficult at times doing this alone... but I don't care. I have always had a heart for children in need... and I can't think of a better way to give than bring a child that has no home, or parents that can take care of him or her, and provide that loving and nurturing home. I know that I'm not the most outspoken person about my faith -- I keep it close to my heart -- but I really think that God wants me to provide and love a child in need despite the fact that I'm not married. It is a huge challenge... but I'm excited to veer in a different direction than maybe a lot of people expected. I don't think that anyone who knows me is surprised that I want to do this... people are mostly surprised that I'm willing to do this alone.

Addendum: I really don't like this original post. It sounds greater than thou to me. Bottom line -- I really want to be a mom. And, I really want to be a mom through adoption. No other choice feels as natural to me. The above statements are true, but wanting to be a mom is the ultimate reason I've chosen to adopt. And I'm so thankful for that decision.


Cathy said...

you have a lot of love. i'm glad to get it and i know your son or daughter will be changed by it. you're amazing.

ann said...

You're right- i wasn't surprised, just so excited!
As the parents of the kids you care for can attest, you have an unlimited amount of love to pour into this child. I'm praying for you and for this baby. God is preparing both of you to come together! yay- how exciting!!!

ChelseaJane said...

My perma-smile continues, as I cannot stop thinking about what an incredible mother you are going to be, and how blessed your baby is going to be having you as his/her momma. Auntie Chelsea cannot wait to babysit your sweet babe. And I cannot wait to tell your little one stories of how hard his/her momma worked to make him/her yours. I am so proud of you, and inspired by you Shauna.

ChelseaJane said...

Have you signed up for classes to learn how to style your babe's hair yet? I want to go too.

gayle said...

Cannot wait to see you teach the baby to crawl at 6 months! Remember when you tried to get Christopher to do this at Todd's wedding? He was so angry with you for doing that to him! Of course, I hope you get the baby at that young of an age! If not, there will be plenty of other things similar to that you will have to teach him/her!
Of course, there will be no such thing as "payback" involved with your raising of this child, now will there? I do not recall you ever not getting along with Todd or Leah. As the youngest child in your family (like me), you were the perfect child who always got along with Todd and Leah!
We are so excited for you! Adopted babies are so very special! Even when they turn into teenage mutant hormonal monsters! We still love them!
Looking forward to meeting the newest Sinclair!
Aunt Gayle

Nicole said...

I am so pleased you have made this decision... I don't know if you know how thankful I am for my parents... but people like you are like angels! Lots of love and support Shauna anything you need let me know!

Elin said...

Dear Shauna, You'll make a great mom. Anything I can do for you just say the word. Lots of love, Elin