Sunday, September 28, 2008

A few thoughts....

  1. I am no longer looking at the strollers... I'm back to looking at cute jeans.
  2. I think Melanie earns "best friend at work" status for answering the call and delivering us all Top Pot donuts today.
  3. I love Tina Fey.

And oh yeah... tomorrow I send off the notarized contracts with a big fat check. I'm ready for the next step.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Weekend of Fun....

The last few days have been filled with fun and catch-up. On Friday, Ann and Mike and their two kids came down from Vancouver to attend a wedding... it was fun to have them spend the night and babysit Kaya and Zane while Ann and Mike went to the wedding. The next day Amy and I threw Amber a baby shower with the work peeps. It was really great to celebrate Amber and her sweet new baby girl we get to meet in about a month.
On Sunday, I participated in my second triathlon this summer... Chelsea and I each signed up in the team category and we each coerced appropriate ringers for the legs that we didn't want to do. I refuse to swim at this point because I will sink straight to the bottom (its true -- I took 3 swim lessons this summer and my instructor confirmed that I sink!) and I'm not convinced that anyone will notice in the middle of the open water swim...... By the end of it, we all survived and I'm pretty sure we won as they handed me a "gold" medal when I crossed the finish line! ha ha
Because we needed some R & R, Chels and I took off to recupe at her parent's cabin on the coast. It is so peaceful there... naps were taken, movies watched, and a fun water adventure involving a rowboat, an abandoned sailboat, and a speedboat took place. Thankfully we survived, and exercised our abdominal muscles from all the laughing. It was fantastic to be back at the cabin because it was there, several weeks ago, that Chels and I had a very lengthy discussion about me adopting a child from Ethiopia. Chelsea is a type of friend that everyone should have -- she is extremely compassionate and caring and is willing to ask the difficult questions. Her questions served as a catalyst for what I was already thinking -- but helped move thought into action. It is amazing how life can change so dramatically in a relatively short period of time.
On Monday, I had my orientation phone call with Megan from AGCI -- which pretty much explained the process of adoption, what AGCI does to aid this process, and what to expect over the next year and beyond. Most of what she explained I had already read from the information package, but I think its really nice that they are proactive to ensure adoptive parents feel comfortable and are given the opportunity to ask questions. My next step is to sign the appropriate contracts, get them notarized and send them back to the agency. At that point AGCI will send me my Dossier requirements, and my Homestudy package... So, then I can begin on the fun of gathering all the necessary documents. Fun!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well... Another Day...

I suppose patience is the name of the game when you start in on the adoption process. Today I was supposed to have my orientation phone call -- although I just found out it has to be rescheduled for totally legitimate reasons... but I am anxious to hear more details about the Ethiopian program and have the opportunity to ask all my questions (I have written out two pages worth!) Now it just gives me the chance to think up even more questions!
It has been fun and an interesting process telling people of my plans to adopt. In a way I feel like I'm at an AA meeting... "Hi, my name is Shauna and I've decided to adopt." I have gotten all sorts of initial reactions to my news... mostly shock takes hold and then disbelief, excitement, and then questions follow. I have an amazing support system here and I couldn't feel more encouraged.
Oh... by the way. I have decided that I would like to adopt a baby girl! My mother will be so happy... (Maybe I'll tell her the news this afternoon after I pick her up at the airport and head straight to the towing yard to pick up her car that I was "babysitting" this week while she was in Phoenix. Whoops...)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Next Step....

Well, I received my orientation package from AGCI in the mail on Friday. It is quite exciting to flip through all the information and learn of what needs to happen next in order to proceed. Its a weird transformation that takes place in your mind when you know you're adopting or having a child -- you start looking at things differently. My friend Amy (who's 5 months pregnant) and I were discussing how normally you'd just check out what pair of cute jeans some girl is wearing and now you're checking out what stroller she is pushing... I am also finding myself spending a ridiculous amount of time on looking for my next home... and willing something to just pop up in my price range in the exact neighborhood I want to live. It hasn't happened quite yet, but one can only hope. But I do need my condo to sell... that would help.
On another note.... Amy and I went down to Enumclaw today to cheer on our friend, Katie, while she competed in the half ironman. She's such a rockstar and kicked serious butt. Our voices are a little coarse this evening from all the screaming... and I found myself taking a lil' nap on the couch after we got back from all the energy I exerted during the race. Its tough being a spectator!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And it Begins...

Well... As I've discovered, if you enter into the adoption world it goes hand in hand with creating a blog. So... here's my attempt at conforming. We'll see.
I haven't gotten very far into the adoption process but at least I've taken the first important step. I mailed my adoption application to All Gods Children International on September 9th, 2008 and I found out today, September 11th, 2008 that it has been accepted! Whaoo hooo.... The next step is a bunch of busy work of gathering documents, referrals, fingerprints, a homestudy etc... They say it takes two to three months to complete this part. Its absolutely crazy exciting... and somewhat terrifying at the same time to embark in this amazing journey. I know that this will profoundly impact my life and that it will be extremely difficult at times doing this alone... but I don't care. I have always had a heart for children in need... and I can't think of a better way to give than bring a child that has no home, or parents that can take care of him or her, and provide that loving and nurturing home. I know that I'm not the most outspoken person about my faith -- I keep it close to my heart -- but I really think that God wants me to provide and love a child in need despite the fact that I'm not married. It is a huge challenge... but I'm excited to veer in a different direction than maybe a lot of people expected. I don't think that anyone who knows me is surprised that I want to do this... people are mostly surprised that I'm willing to do this alone.

Addendum: I really don't like this original post. It sounds greater than thou to me. Bottom line -- I really want to be a mom. And, I really want to be a mom through adoption. No other choice feels as natural to me. The above statements are true, but wanting to be a mom is the ultimate reason I've chosen to adopt. And I'm so thankful for that decision.