Saturday, July 19, 2014

All Star Softball Classic

We spent a really fun afternoon at the All Star Softball Classic charity game at Safeco Field... but what really stood out to me was -- I need to do a much better job at hiding the hand-me-down clothes bin so that Maeve can't reach back in and grab out the too small clothes.  I mean, look at her...  

We had front row seats, which was fun, and we spent the afternoon with Mel and Peyton.  All good things.  Blitz came over to say hello... Great day at the ballpark.

Not Quite PG Playlists...

So, a huge turn of events have happened in our car.  Maeve will actually ask to listen to my music.  That hasn't happened in..... well ever, in her whole lifetime.  So, to say that I am excited, is a bit of an understatement.  I happily obliged and quickly realized that I needed to do a little censoring of my playlists.  The girl is perceptive and hears everything... I used to think, pre-Maeve era, if I'm going to buy a song, I will buy the original version, since that was how it was intended and who was I to mess with art.  Well, I wish I realized that little ears would be listening to these songs many years later.  So there are certain songs like Blurred Lines and Booty Call that automatically get skipped now.

Fast forward to this morning.  I put on a U2 concert DVD and Maeve is paying attention to it... I guess she thinks that Bono sounds like G Love (interesting... I'm failing as a parent) and turns to me... 'Oh my gosh, if he sings "Booby Call" we're totally going to have to skip it!'

Less is More... Excuse me, More is More...

Maeve picked out the fanciest scooter for her birthday... and it turns out, she competes with it for the most sparkle when she's out and about.  Its hard to make out on this photo, but the she has glitter on her shoes, skirt, and purse.  Sunglasses were needed for sure....

This day just cracked me up too, since it was about 85 degrees F when we were out, so Ugg's were definitely a good choice.  And, if you look closely, you'll see her headband stuck in her helmet on top.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize is the name of the game.  Ha.

Alta Lake Camping

Its sad to know that as I write this post, a huge part of this region is currently under fire.  This camping trip was 6 weeks ago, and like our camping trip last year, it was awesome.  

Amy and I loaded the kids into her car and they were literally stuck there until we got to the camp ground.  Ha.  They were troopers though, and obviously, very excited to be going camping.  

 Here are our happy campers.

Beautiful Alta Lake 

Beach time!

You did not find me in the water... I'm a little too delicate for those chilly waters, but the kids enjoyed it for a bit. 

Sweet Clara.. 

Amy and Bennett 

This is what I'd like to call the 'chap-stick montage' 

'Yes, Maeve... you do look good' 

'Wanna kiss??' 

'Ha ha.... No, seriously?!' 

Well, we thought we were entertaining the kids just fine, until Brent showed up, complete with fishing poles and bait.... 

You might say that Brent, hook line and sunk the kids.  They were 'hooked' and fished for the rest of the weekend.

They were having so much fun, it apparently seemed like a good idea to start kissing the fish.  That was something else I chose NOT to participate in... 

Drinking coffee, hanging by the lake, thinking deep thoughts, and fishin'... 

The lake was FULL of fish.  The kids all caught multiple fish -- we even grilled them up at night and ate them.  Thanks Brent for enhancing their outdoor experience.

He even brought his scope.  Astrology lessons were had at night.  Who knows what they were looking at here... I was busy sitting in my chair watching Brent entertain them.  Ha.   

We decided to take the scenic route home.  Sometimes I feel so spoiled we live in this part of the world.

Friends and truly kindred spirits, those two...

Hello? I'm back...

Wow.  I'm really behind!

I started a new job a few weeks ago and between being so busy with summer fun, and being so consumed with the big learning curve, the blog took took a hit.

We are good in our world.  We are super busy and loving the warm summer that we're experiencing this year.  We've managed 3 camping trips so far, which has been great. And have overall just been enjoying life.  I'm doing my best at being organized, and failing a bit.  I have high aspirations come fall, that I'll have everything in order.  Ha ha.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prima Ballerina

Today was the big, 'final performance'... watching week arrived, finally.  All morning she asked when we were going... very excited.  Only to be extremely nervous and shy for the first 10 minutes or so.  She finally broke through the nerves and had a great time showing off her stuff to Annie and myself.

 Prepping in the mirror before we left...

Showing off her moves...

The parent participation part...  I looked awesome, btw. 

Showing off her good listening skills.  Ha. 

Dosey doe's in ballet class.  Ha 

Umm.  She's just cute.

Receiving her flowers from Annie... Maeve was most interested in the package of M&M's Annie brought her.  Annie knows Maeve's love language, that's for sure.

Sounding Things Out...

Maeve has been VERY busy at her craft table... I should really be taking pictures of how much of a disaster her 'creative space' can sometimes look.  She's so busy drawing, painting, glueing, cutting... its fun to watch.  Its her own little montessori space.  So, craft projects have been happening galore.  She is also writing a lot too.  About a month or so ago I noticed that she wasn't just asking me how to spell things, she is starting to sound out some words on her own... In this note below she's saying Happy Mother's... (I think 'day' got lost somewhere), but I was impressed with this next step in reading and writing.  Obviously, there is some work ahead of us.. but, it was the first step.


And, she's been drawing a lot of girls lately with big pony tails...  This isn't a good example, but the other thing she's started to do is work on her lowercase letters.  Good work, Maeve :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scootin' Fools...

Maeve got a new, big kid, scooter for her birthday, so it was really put to the test today during our play date.  I was really proud of Maeve for sticking with it, and brushing herself off several times after she fell... it helps when you have a partner in crime, I suppose.  She loves it.  I love that she's getting more mobile these days... Bring on summer fun.

North of the Border...

For the rest of the long weekend, we ventured north to celebrate and spend time with friends and family.  It was busy, and we ping ponged a little bit, but it was a great time and we got to see all our favorite people.

Mike took Maeve on a special date - Godfather/Goddaughter date.  They have a special relationship and its fun to watch. 

We went to the May Day parade with Todd and Stacy too.  Maeve thought it was even better than Halloween, I think, because they were literally giving her handfuls of candy... she didn't even need to work for it.  Ha.  (And, here is Maeve with her new umbrella - it was the only thing she asked for and it was her favorite gift).

We spent the day with my Dad and Lynn, which turned out to be a great biking day for Maeve.  Maeve has been nervous about biking this year because she took a fall last year while we were in Arizona... so, biking part of the seawall and around lost lagoon to downtown was a big success. 

You can't beat Vancouver on a beautiful day... 

Maeve was so proud of her biking... and wanted to remind everyone that she is now 5.  Ha. 

We took a moment to play at the playground at second beach... 

Lost Lagoon was a nature tour -- all the animals were out. 

We saw turtles, ducks, chicks, geese, goslings, and swans... probably more.  I can't remember.   

After having a birthday lunch at White Spot, we ventured back to Grandma and Grandpa's place.  I think Maeve and I both need to go on a diet now after all the celebrations!  Ha.

The Actual Birthday Day....

It happened.  The official day finally came.  Maeve is now 5 years old.  She loves it!  She is constantly sussing out who is older or younger than she is.  She broke down in tears today when she was inquiring about two friends of hers and when their birthday is... she was not happy to discover that she was the youngest of the three.  Ha.  I quickly threw some other kids under the bus reminding her that she was older than them.  Phew.  Crisis temporarily diverted.

This is what 5 looks like on Maeve... 

Streamers, banners, and a few presents.   

Happily opening her presents.  She had logically stated earlier in the week that her friends would give her more presents on her actual birthday day, even though they had graciously given her gifts at her party.  I informed her how that is not, in fact, how it worked.   

Green eggs for her birthday breakfast, as requested.  I was a little sad that I didn't have any ham in the house. 

And, then we were off for a day of fun at Remlingers Farm with Avery. 

I'm not quite sure how many times they frequented the roller coaster... they would race off it and circle to the waiting line without even batting an eye at me.  Most of the time they could get on the very next ride.


When we had to leave, they decided to get 'lost' in the hay maze for a very long time... 

Who doesn't like a pumpkin ride? 

Another reminder that someone is a whole hand now... 

Pony rides... I think this was Apple. 

Canoe rides... 

Good buddies...  a great time. 

The Wilson's kindly had us over for dinner... but Maeve missed most of it.  She was one tuckered out girl...  Here Amy is getting snuggles. 

Eli, unknowingly, got snuggles too...

Maeve was too tired to eat dinner... so Annie got snuggles too. 

Dan managed to see Maeve's eyes... 

And, amazingly, Maeve was able to enjoy her birthday cake...  Ha.

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet Maeve :-)